Karen Van Elkan (Sulzbach)

She is today

Whether it's "girls'-night-out" at Carole's or Don's, Karen is sure to be talking up a storm . . . it's a great day when he comes home, or she can get the car . . . when studying for Mr. Hill's tests, the word is "I'll call ya back!!" . . . a future government employee.

Yearbook page: 106

Karen Van Elkan (Sulzbach)


I have lived in Israel since 1973. My husband Reuven is Israeli and we have 3 children, Erez 32, Shani 29 and Amitai 22. We are blessed with 2 grandchildren from our daughter Shani and they are Adam 3 1/2 and Rotem 1 1/2. I work for an Israeli televsion company and we broadcast on cable The History Channel, The Biography Channel, MGM and E Entertainment. All three of my children served in the Israeli army as is manditory here. Life in Israel is wonderful and I do get back to the States at least once a year to visit my family and friends. I am syked for the Reunion!

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