Caroline Rockwood

I'll get along as long as a song is strong in my soul

Carrie, our ever-cheerful, co-literary editor of Crossroads...she lives on the food of thought -- or perhaps the thought of food..."never give up the ship!" is part of Carrie's quixotic philosophy...All-State Chorus and that Atlantic City weekend are notable steps towards her future musical ambitions.

Yearbook page: 88

Caroline Rockwood

I raised two wonderful children (Jake, now 26, and Zoe, now 23)and a number of cats (and now, a beautiful dog) while singing professionally and teaching voice. I went to graduate school in 2000 for an MA in Audiology. I'm happily working with a practice of ENT physicians and getting my doctorate in Audiology.



On November 1, 2009 10:22 PM, Sheila Cohen wrote:

Hi Carrie, sorry I didn't see your earlier post! Of course I remember singing with guitars - and the 3 of us wore the same sweaters in the Talent show. Even my mom remembers that! You and Aleta were the only ones who could sing. I stuck with the piano :)

On August 22, 2009 8:43 PM, Carrie Rockwood wrote:

Some updates on my info - I now have my doctorate in audiology - it's a "clinical" one, not research, so the letters after my name are AuD. Life is very busy with work and singing on weekends. My daughter is managing a small stable and owns two horses (thoroughbreds rescued from slaughterhouses). My son is a jazz musician (tenor sax) - see his website and MySpace page: and

I always hated my yearbook photo, wish I'd had the nerve to redo it!

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