Mark Rich

Give me something peaceful and grand

When he plays his guitar at U.S.Y. everyone has a good time...a hard-working guy who can always find the time for a chocolate marshmallow sundae...while Forsenic Society presently offers Mark the chance to display his oratorical talent, watch for him in the future in some courtroom as a famous lawyer.

Yearbook page: 87

Mark Rich



On September 12, 2009 7:17 PM, Carol Villanova wrote:

Hi,Mark although your memories of LHS were not nurturing and positive think of how well you turned out. You became successful where others failed. You may not have been well known but life has been a struggle for many even those who thought they would succeed and strive to be on top and failed. You should come to the reunion and share your success with us. Be proud not unhappy about those days. Everyone as a teenager goes through hard and difficult times. I wish you luck and happiness. Carol Villanova

On August 10, 2009 12:45 AM, Barb Manzi Rocco wrote:

I just read your comments as well as Marilyn's response. I hope you have a chance to read this as I want to say to you and to anyone else who may feel the same way.....We were 17 years old - if you can look past the nonsense we put up with or even dished out when we were young and naive, then you should join us at the reunion. We akk came from the same place and for some unknown reason - we are bound together. Those who I have been in contact with have had great stories...and some have had trauma in their lives. My life has not been as blessed as yours - and believe me, I am very happy for you. But I can only hope that you not hold in your heart any turmoil created in HS at 17 years old. As Marilyn said, in helping out with the reunion, and having the pleasure of being in touch with classmates I never even spoke to in HS...I am amazed at the bond we all share. I would not have been able to get through the last 6 months without them! Life changes - we have all grown - and I believe we all have a silent bond that no one will ever take away. I did not know and still don't know all 619+/- classmates - but I've got to say I for one am proud and happy that I was part of this great LHS Class of 1969!!!

On August 3, 2009 3:22 AM, Marilyn Petrokubi wrote:

Mark: Such a wonderful letter. It's people like you, who have matured into well-balanced, thoughtful people, that I hope to see at the reunion. I've had so many rich conversations with people that I wasn't all that friendly with in High School since I started organizing the reunion. And I am looking forward to seeing all of them in person that weekend and giving them big hugs. I would love to add you to that list and to hear more about your consulting work, your kids and your passions.

This is not about who were or what happened when. It's about who we are now and where we're headed. Don't dismiss this opportunity to celebrate life together. As you saw from the in memoriam page, it's all too short.
Love, Marilyn

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