Ronald A. Rader

Not money, but a questing mind

Proud member of Class of '69, he indelibly looks back upon his past classes and teachers . . . academic promise shown by his attending an honors program at GWU . . . affairs of UN and AFS Clubs accompany interest in art, particularly painting . . . impressed by Mrs. Yavelberg's teaching. Ron'll become a college prof.

Yearbook page: 85

Ronald A. Rader

Since graduating, I picked up a B.S., Microbiology, and M.L.S. (Library/Info. Sci.), both from the Univ. of Maryland, and have remained in the MD suburbs of Washington, DC. I am married with no children.

Professionally, I am a pharmaceutical/biotechnology information specialist, author, publisher and consultant with my own company, Biotechnology Information Institute, since 1991. I am the author and publisher of multiple books, periodicals and databases, with over 12,000 pages I solely authored in print. Among other things, for 15 years I put out the Antiviral Agents Bulletin, a newsletter about antiviral drug and vaccine development; and my current publication is the only reference/information resource concerning biopharmaceutical products (at



On August 10, 2009 10:07 PM, Ron Rader wrote:

If anyone wants to reach me, my E-mail address is; phone is 301-424-0255.

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