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I'm bright and breezy

"Hey Mar!" -- that enthusiasm is definitely infectious...she's the secretary who must copy everything in triplicate, but when she's taking minutes for the senior class, she doesn't mind...Wow! -- Tau Kappa Epsilon was truly an experience!...she'll always strive to be carefree and totally aware of life.

Yearbook page: 82

Marilyn Petrokubi

Marilyn Petrokubi. With a name like that you didn't think I was going to trade it in just because I got married, did you? Actually I'm married to Rob Lieberman (Class of '75). We have a son Matthew, who will be in the class of '14. Rob and I work together at our own company, TimeSteps Productions. We live together, work together and we're best friends too. Life is long. Make the best of it.



On July 7, 2009 10:15 PM, David Gavrich wrote:

Dear Ms. Petrokubi - I am writing in response to the April 29, 2009 e-mail to you by Mr. Jeff Mathesius, wherein he wrote to thank you for certain amenities that you've arranged for Class of '69 alumni staying at the Marriott during the September 12 reunion weekend. Whereas Viagra, K-Y warming gel, and grab-bars may be features that appeal to the "diversified appetite tool" of Mr. Mathesius (quotation taken from his LHS yearbook write-up), these are not items that god-fearing folk like myself and my fellow LHS'ers would normally request or desire to see in our hotel rooms. In fact, I'm quite offended and appalled by the remarks of Mr. Mathesius. As you may know, I've lived in San Francisco for the past 30 years, so I take any comments about KY-warming gel very seriously. In fact, when I see him at the reunion, I am going to give Mr. Mathesius a good dressing-down. By the way, please ask the Marriott to add Depends to the list of items in our rooms.

Thank you,

David Gavrich
San Francisco, CA

On July 7, 2009 12:31 AM, Pam Riccio wrote:

I am sorry I won't be able to make it back east for the reunion, Marilyn. I was hoping to see you. I know it will be a great time!

Best to you,

On May 18, 2009 7:01 PM, Pam Riccio wrote:

Hi Marilyn,

You are a gem working on getting everyone together once again! I am still not certain if I will be able to make the trip back east yet, will keep you posted.

Thank you for all you do.

Hope all is well in your world!


On April 20, 2009 4:44 PM, Jeff Mathesius wrote:

Marilyn -
Well, we booked our room at the Marriott, & got our LHS69 discount.
While I was on the phone with them, we had a detailed discussion about the rooms, amenities, and even the menu. It seems that they are really tuned-in to our group's needs.

The rooms for us will include extras, such as...Viagra, K-Y warming gel, grab-bars all over, even next to the bed, a glass of water with Polident on each nightstand, tubes of Fixodent, Preparation H, Ben-Gay, etc. (just to mention a few) How thoughtful!

The pureed meat or fish sounds yummy, as well as easy to swallow for those of us either with fewer teeth than we used to have, or for trying to keep the fake ones in our mouths. Optional oatmeal was clever, too. And rather than bottled water, she said there would be complimentary Metamucil at every place setting. (not to mention Rolaids, Tums & the little purple pill available on request. And the Activia for dessert is perfect.

Even the dance floor arrangements are great...canes & walkers, braces, hearing aids, defibrolaters in every corner, and even the added expense of EMS standing by with an ambulance waiting outside!

My compliments Marilyn, to you & the Marriott...I think you have covered everything!! Great job!


On March 22, 2009 8:00 AM, Candace Fried (Mintz) Sellers wrote:

Cutting class at your house and your mother believed we were off. Jean and her hot pink motorcycyle sleep overs and midnight runs

On March 11, 2009 2:23 PM, ellen bieber wrote:


Thanks for all your hard work on making this reunion happen!

You looked great on the Today Show------not a day older than I remembered you. Awesome that Joe was able to make it happen! Did we find bunches of lost calssmates?

See you in September!

Ellen Bieber

On February 26, 2009 1:19 AM, Jim O'Malley wrote:

Hi Marilyn -- Loved your appearance on the Today Show this morning! Everyone looked like they were having a great time – and kudos to Joe Michaels for making it all happen.


On February 3, 2009 1:33 AM, Lou Fink wrote:

Dear class of '69,

Lou Fink here class of '68 [......... and Marilyn Petrokubi's Jr. prom date in 1967 !! ]. Hello and best of luck in your big upcoming event. I was a member of the committee that pulled off our 40th this past September. Same venue as yours and just an absolutely GREAT weekend. I've had the pleasure and fun of conversing with Marilyn over the last year keeping her up on what we did to make ours happen. You're lucky to have her at the wheel !!

I've made a habit of gumming up our website as much as possible and figured now it's your turn. Ours is Check us out too !! Anyway I can tell you that the work / reward ratio of helping one of these things thru the birth canal is win- win for all. We at the '68 sideshow are envious that you still have yours ahead of you. We are doing little get togethers as post reunion warmth and fuzziness and are sure you'll do the same.

We had your own Steve Bernstein [ Steve & Steve ] as entertainment at ours. Anyway, enjoy every minute and we'll be watching.

All the Best,

Lou Fink

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