Barbara Lowenstein

All there in a sense of spring and a blade of grass

For our Cercle Francais president, The Imaginary Invalid was a "matter of love"...she's no yearling in Forensics either and as secretary she can be found recording her many victories in one of her five or six languages...through her huge glasses. Barb peacefully surveys the world and decides that Mr. Hill's beard definitely has soul.

Yearbook page: 67

Barbara Lowenstein

Somewhere along the way my life took a turn south -- South America to be exact. For reasons I cannot explain I live in a glorious beachfront home in a fishing village called Buzios in a country called Brazil. I have been painting for the last six years, and have exhibited in galleries and restaurants here. Beyond that my husband and I live the slightly suspect life of the retired expatriot. Come visit.



On July 7, 2009 10:45 PM, David Gavrich wrote:

Barbara - Brasil must be treating you well, as you look fabulous. It seems like such a great place. I just watched the Brasilian national team beat the USA in a great soccer match from South Africa. How are your sisters Carole and Lois? I believe each was in one of my brothers' classes at LHS. In fact, my younger brother Bob related to me one of the funniest lines I ever heard uttered to a teacher in a classroom, and it either came from your sister Lois, or from Steve Bernstein's sister, Jacqui. The history teacher was trying to get the students to understand the desperate poverty and privation in Africa, and he said to the class: "Each time I snap my fingers, another child will starve to death in Africa". From the back of the room, either Lois or Jacqui yelled out: "Then stop snapping your fingers".... At least I thought it was funny.

As for me, I've been living in San Francisco for 30 years, and loving almost every minute of it. I have 2 delicious boys, Maxx (16) and Noah (13). Both are artists. In August we'll be touring the Eastcoast looking at colleges for Maxx, including Pratt, Cooper Union, NYU, Columbia, Bard, RISD, etc. Any other suggestions? I think you went to school in the NY area.

Will you make it to the reunion? I'll buy you a drink if that's an incentive for you to fly up from Buzios. If not, maybe we'll see each other in Brasil. It's on my list of places to see once I can take an extended leave of my busy life in SF. Write me.

Beijos e abracos,

David Gavrich
San Francisco, CA

On April 30, 2009 12:18 AM, Rolayn Tauben wrote:

Our paths cross again with Brasilieros and artists. I visited the southeast, northeast and north of Brasil, and currently paint and exhibit with Bay Area artists. Please stay in touch. Also, a special prayer from both of us for our dear friend Mitchell; may he always be in the spirit of things.
Ciao, Rolayn

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