David Gavrich

Always leave 'em laughing

Dave's only sidetrack from the "green" is a pretty girl...no school? -- Man, "that's good!"...AFS has Dave on record as treasurer and vice-president...those two years of history with Mrs. Yavelberg will never be forgotten -- by either one!...fame as the King will reap him due royalties.

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David Gavrich


Biography of David A. Gavrich (Updated January 15, 2009)

David Gavrich is President & CEO of three San Francisco-based companies involved in environmental management: Waste Solutions Group, a nationally-recognized waste services company, providing sustainable waste management and waste-by-rail transport services; San Francisco Bay Railroad (SFBR), a federally-certified shortline railroad providing freight rail transport at the Port of San Francisco; and City Grazing providing herbicide-free vegetation management using a herd of goats based at SFBR’s San Francisco railyard. Mr. Gavrich was recognized by the San Francisco Business Times as Most Admired CEO in the Bay Area for 2007.

After receiving his Masters degree from Harvard University in 1976, Mr. Gavrich began working for newly-elected President Carter at the Environmental Protection Agency. There he worked on the congressionally-authorized President’s Urban Policy Program for Waste Management, a program which gave grants to cities to explore more environmentally sound alternatives to the landfilling of their waste.

When Ronald Reagan defeated Jimmy Carter in 1980, Mr. Gavrich moved to San Francisco to work on environmental programs at City Hall under Mayor Dianne Feinstein. Under his leadership of the San Francisco Solid Waste Management program, he assembled a public-private sector team to implement the nation’s first large-city curbside recycling program, which became a model for other cities throughout the country, and which remains today one of the most successful urban recycling programs in the U.S.

In 1991 when Mr. Gavrich founded Waste Solutions Group, in 2000 when he founded SFBR as a federally-certified railroad, and again in 2008 when he started City Grazing, he based his business models on the simple premise that services should not only be profitable, but should be environmentally sustainable as well.

In just the last 18 years, Mr. Gavrich’s companies have reduced their clients’ fuel usage by 18 million gallons of diesel fuel and their greenhouse gas emissions by a staggering 400 million pounds of CO2. To put this in perspective, this is the equivalent of taking 2,000 cars off of Bay Area roads each day. Their innovative waste-by-rail approach and their patented technology used by other companies throughout the U.S. have to date yielded CO2 savings in the billions of pounds.

In January, 2008, Mr. Gavrich joined the Organizing for America campaign to elect Barak Obama president. He served as a campaign organizer during the primaries in California, Oregon, and Texas, and during the general election in Colorado.
Mr. Gavrich was for 8 years a member of the Board of Directors of the National Recycling Coalition in Washington, D.C. and has taught two environmental courses at the University of California at Berkeley. He is an avid sailor and soccer player, and is fluent in Italian. He lives in San Francisco with his wife Tina, and their two sons, Maxx (16) and Noah (13).

For more information, go to www.wastesolutionsgroup.com or contact WSG information officer at info@wastesolutionsgroup.com.

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