Patricia Dopf (Ott)

Small, and funny and fine

Short but sweet, Patti remembers art with Mr. Battito and her week at the shore...happiest when deeply engrossed in a good movie or a good piece of pizza...her painting and cooking talents have well been bestowed upon Stan...this "12 year old senior" looks forward to a secretarial career.

Yearbook page: 33

Patricia Dopf (Ott)

I now go by Trish instead of Patti. Married to Ted Ott and living in Pennsylvania. Four children (3 step) ages 23 - 42 and 10 grandchildren ages 5 - 23. I enjoy working at Kutztown University in the Housing office. My family and the students here at KU keep me young even though it has been 40 years (Wow!) since graduation.



On December 24, 2010 5:49 AM, Patricia Dopf Hinks wrote:

Trish, Really weird, we're both Patricia Dopf's (maiden names) & 56! I'm married 30 yrs, have 3 kids (27-34), 8 grandkids (4-10) & live in So Cal born & raised. Would love to correspond someday if you'd like & with the same name's of German decent we which is not a common name it'd be great to know someone else with my name, WOW! Merry Christmas!

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