Geralynn Definis

A girl with kaleidescope eyes

Gerri's not too sophisticated or bohemian to love ice cream...look for her with the Ma Ge Lima De..."Squasimodo!" What a wonderful 1968 Senior Prom!...her frequent trips to New York are only the first steps in her life as a prospective traveler.

Yearbook page: 31

Geralynn Definis

I'm very proud of my 2 sons, Peter & Ross



On September 15, 2009 2:20 AM, Lou Fink wrote:

Dear G,

No, I'm not a stalker who waited 40 years to come out of his hole. I ran our 40th the year before, and was in close touch with Marilyn along the way as details came, went, and were common to our classes. You were really the first person I saw the other night [ I got there at 11:30 ] and had this emotional need to say what I did on behalf of my good friend Dan.

As a matter of fact, if you've visited our website, go again. If not, go for the first time. We are linked on your home page. That sounds filthy, doesn't it !!! Try " classmates " or something under " M ." Scroll to Mr. Molinaro where we all left messages thru out the alphabetical listings of the class, for those departed, who couldn't list their own bios. Hope you had a blast.

Lou Fink

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