Our 50th!
The reunion was a great success and a wonderful opportunity to catch up with old friends. Check out our Facebook page for photos!...
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Lost List 50th Reunion
As of April, this is the list of classmates who haven't been found by our band of searchers. If you have any contact information for any of these people, please contact Marilyn Petrokubi at timesteps2@gmail.com. Names in italics have now...
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LHS Class of '69 50th Class reunion is ON!
SAVE THE DATE LHS Class of '69 50th Class Reunion! Five decades have come and gone. Time to celebrate! Mark the Date!  • Saturday evening, 8/31/19 • at the HYATT REGENCY in fabulous Morristown, NJ • Registration starts at 7:00....
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50th!! 50th??
LHS CLASS of ‘69 50th Reunion Save the date! August 31 2019 Labor Day Weekend Details to follow...
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All comments on the LHS Class of 1969 Website.

Paul Ackerman: Class of 71 is having its 40th reunion next month and after a LONG absence, I have been checking out lots of LHS stuff on the web and came across these comments. Thank you for your kind words. Th... More, posted to "Ackerman, Laurie"

London Nanny: As a person in his sixties, I find it unedifying watching Gloria Steinem arguing against the tv show based around the Playby Club. It's like watching dinosaurs arguing long after their extinction date... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

susan baker: I dated Eddie in Jr High and thought he was very handsome ;-) ... More, posted to "Moller, Edward"

Glenn Reynolds: So good to hear from you and see you. You must be so beautiful now, always so sweet, glad we have r friendship.... More, posted to "Riccio, Pamela"

Patricia Dopf Hinks: Trish, Really weird, we're both Patricia Dopf's (maiden names) & 56! I'm married 30 yrs, have 3 kids (27-34), 8 grandkids (4-10) & live in So Cal born & raised. Would love to correspond someday if you... More, posted to "Dopf, Patricia"

Kathy (Bice) McCullough: I think Aleta was my statistics teacher at Colorado State in 1974. I have a few pictures of our spring break vacation years ago to Santa Fe and wanted to say hi!... More, posted to "Bluhm, Aleta"

joe baker: is this the same dennis fidali that sailed with me on the ss brasil... More, posted to "Fidali, Dennis"

James Monticello: What a long, strange trip it's been. Spending a fair amount of my time these days, pursuing my passion as a guide in the North Woods wilderness of Maine.... More, posted to "Photos!"

Rich Paton: OY OY OY OY OY... WISEGUY !... More, posted to "Seidenberg, Craig"

andy jacobson: not only did we share a friendship in school but also our families were friends..through the yrs and losing touch i knew u and candy married and had kids (always knew u would)sorry we didnt have the c... More, posted to "Mintz, Kenneth"

andy jacobson: u look the same ... amazing... More, posted to "Gaeta, Jerry"

andy jacobson: 45 yrs ago ...amazing...i'm also in fl..gave 30 yrs to nursing and currently in sales and back in school,what about u... More, posted to "Fried, Candace"

andy jacobson: wow..amazing being able to meet up 45 yrs later... More, posted to "Chenkin, Elise"

Judy Gilchrist: am wondering if you are related to John or James Bravakis who both worked for the telephone company in New Jersey - worked with both of them in East Orange............ More, posted to "Bravakis, Gale"

Patti Dopf (Trish Ott): Nonie and I met when we were both around 10. We shared the same birthday - September 1 and we sometimes talked about going to Holland (Netherlands) together. Wish we had stayed close through school ... More, posted to "Hendricks, Winona"

Dave Hendricks: I'm the baby from 1967. Mom(Nonie) passed in 1997, leaving my brother Derek, myself, and Constance her mother.... More, posted to "Hendricks, Winona"

Barbara Manzi Rocco: A mini-reunion has been planned for Saturday, March 20th at Gallery One/Doubletree in Ft. Lauderdale. Dinner is at 7...meet in hotel lounge around 6 - unfortunately I have to cancel as Bob is in the ... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Carrie Rockwood: Just wanted you all to know that I am became engaged this past Christmas. Those who were at the reunion met Bernd. No date yet, but not until 2011. We are very happy and hope to have many years ahe... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Carrie Rockwood: I've just come back to this website, after the reunion, and saw your comments - didn't know or don't remember that Neil Winter was your cousin. I am sorry for your loss, and he is still remembered.... More, posted to "Bernstein, Kenneth"

Greg Hawk: Sorry I haven't been keeping up with the site. I'm well and living in the Denton, Texas area, about 30 miles north of Dallas. I am the Director of Environmental Services for Scientific Consulting La... More, posted to "Hawk, Gregory"

Bette Bradbury: Hello. Re Christine Cooney. I don't know any of you - or don't think I do... but did work with Christine Cooney in Alexandria, Virginia years ago. I was trying to find a way to get back in touch w/he... More, posted to "Marilyn's Post-Reunion Thoughts"

Dan Collins (Sue Varney): I cannot help smiling; looking for someone, I stumbled on 'our' site and the more I read, the more I must smile (tinged by the passing of notables). Five kids, mostly gone, I (we?) must make it to ... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Dan Collins (Sue Varney): God it has been a long time... I was reading some of the posts and there is an awful lot to catch up on. ... More, posted to "Email Addresses, etc."


Aaron Kropp: OH crud! i just typed a nice comment and as soon as i submitted it it come up blank! Please tell me it worked properly? I do not want to sumit it again if i do not have to! Either the blog bugged out... More, posted to "Huttner, Jan"

Ken Bernstein: I was not able to attend the reunion for family reasons, but have looked at the website and photos, several times, once with Trish Flaster, who also lives in Boulder, with yearbook in hand trying to r... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Barb (Manzi) Rocco: We gathered together the twelfth of September And had the best time, one we’ll always remember. I saw many old friends and made lots of new But the time went so fast; I only talked with a few. R... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Barb (Manzi) Rocco: Happy Holidays! The holiday season is here! And I just want you to know That March is just around the corner And I hope it's Ft. Lauderdale you will go! So enjoy the next couple of weeks bec... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Cindee (Slater) Sapoznik: Chuckles, Where are you? You said you were coming to Atlanta....and I never heard back. I hear from June(classmates.com) a lot! Our reunion is August 2010. I hope to see or hear from you befor... More, posted to "Bleakley, Charles"

Scott: I left NJ in September 2007. Currently living on 8.2 acres 3 miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway in Hillsville, Va. It might take awhile to see it all but definitely enjoying the website. An Inter... More, posted to "Vincent, Scott"

Marilyn Petrokubi: Nonie passed away in 2002 or 2003 from throat cancer. I saw her when we were in our 30s. She had been living in Africa and was an artist, having returned to New Jersey. She was a free spirit and a... More, posted to "Hendricks, Winona"

Carol Villanova: Hi Steve, How in the world did we miss one another at the reunion. I just emailed you and it was returned. I checked the address but it is correct unless someone made an error. I miss you my dear fri... More, posted to "Gevarter, Stephen"

Richard Bellamy: Mom passed away on Sept 15th and moving back to San Diego to retire. ... More, posted to "Bellamy, Richard"

karenne jo bloomgarden: you guys are amazing-I just got the reunion DVD-it was great!!! I'm so glad you wore name tags, cause I had trouble figuring out who was who. All the work Marilyn so graciously took on and the committ... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Sheila Cohen: Hi Carrie, sorry I didn't see your earlier post! Of course I remember singing with guitars - and the 3 of us wore the same sweaters in the Talent show. Even my mom remembers that! You and Aleta wer... More, posted to "Rockwood, Caroline"

Steve Adler: Hey Candi How the hell are you? I thought you might have shown up at the reunion but I guess not. It was great seeing everyone. We have been living in Colorado for the past 5 years and just loving ... More, posted to "Fried, Candace"

Barbara Manzi Rocco: CLASS OF '69 SPRING BREAK GALLERY ONE - DOUBLETREE FORT LAUDERDALE MARCH 20TH.... SO FAR 20...LET'S MAKE THIS A GREAT GATHERING!!!! RSVP - BARBARA - VIA PHONE 732-961-9969 / 732-580-3813... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Pamela Nadell: Linda et al., I just saw your posting about Laurie written on the day of the 40th reunion (which I skipped). I wish Laurie's parents, if they are still alive, or her brothers would know how we al... More, posted to "Ackerman, Laurie"

Carrie Rockwood: I have fond memories of Neil even though we didn't know each other that well. I had such a crush on Neil - I even made him my wonderful chocolate chip cookies. But, after a few weeks, he told me he ... More, posted to "Winter, Neil"

Ed Feldman: My first friend, my blood brother, the brook and the woods flow together... More, posted to "Byrne, Chris"

David C. Williams: To all: It sounds like I missed a great time since I still keep in touch with a lot of the class of 69 ever since I moved to St. Petersburg, Florida after high school graduation. Following college ... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Mary Alice Clark: The Maryland cousins are numerous and still stay in touch thru facebook. The McNeals, Aunt Betty's girls are on face book as is Meredith and Aunt Madalyn's Clan are also viewing all the news from fam... More, posted to "Overath, George"

steve kruth: 757-544-4367 im found imagine that sorry i missed the fesivities ... More, posted to "Kruth, Steven"

David C. Williams: Growing up in Livingston in a pioneer family was a great life but knowing and growing up with with another pioneer, Bobby Och's was even greater and hanging with Bobby over at Ochs Cider Mill was more... More, posted to "Ochs, Robert"

David C. Williams: I will always remember Neil every morning in homeroom sitting next to me over the years talking about the things we did on the weekend and coming by Robert Hall Clothes where Ed Wienik, Ed Lewis and I... More, posted to "Winter, Neil"

gale bravakis: Undoubtedly, the reunion was a very memorable experience for all those who attended. I hope you have all chilled out now and are back to the serious world of a daily schedule!! At least, it's easier... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Trish( Patty): Thought I would take a moment to say hello since I have yet to go to the reunions. Life is great in Colorado and in the plant world. Are there any other LHS ethnobotanists out there? Let us kn... More, posted to "Flaster, Patricia"

Glenn Burnside: Howdy! So sorry I missed the festivities, it sounds like the event turned out extremely well. It’s obvious how much effort went into planning this and I truly appreciate it. If I wasn’t so busy her... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Jo Ann Kraeutler Henry: So happy I attended the 40th Reunion!! Great to reconnect classmates, can't wait till the 50th! I think we'll see each other sooner than that!... More, posted to "Kraeutler, JoAnn"

Barry Shapiro: It's Wednesday the 15th and I just got off the phone with Bonnie Gerber. I wanted to thank her personally for the wonderful job she and her husband did at the reunion with the video clips. In fact, I ... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Mitch Singer: Jan. I understand completely about the problem of spammers and marketers. A wise security move to keep it the way it is.... More, posted to "Email Addresses, etc."

Lou Fink: Dear G, No, I'm not a stalker who waited 40 years to come out of his hole. I ran our 40th the year before, and was in close touch with Marilyn along the way as details came, went, and were common t... More, posted to "Definis, Geralynn"

Jan: Hey Mitch--we're not doing an email list per se--email addresses are listed on each person's directory page. Any sort of downloadable list is too tempting to spammers and marketers.... More, posted to "Email Addresses, etc."

Jan: Hi Glenn--We have not sent anything out since a few days before the reunion. Any email that's officially from the reunion committee has this as a return address: LHS Class of '69 Reunion Committee" . ... More, posted to "Mitch Singer's Reunion Thoughts"

Mitch Singer: The email list is a great idea. One suggestion is that if it's possible to put it in a format that allows people to download it either as a pdf or to import into an email contact list.... More, posted to "Email Addresses, etc."

Glenn Roth: Has anyone else been contacted by the "Livingston Alumni Committee" for updated PERSONAL info for a directory? I'm not about to give out that sort of thing unless legitimate. Glenn... More, posted to "Mitch Singer's Reunion Thoughts"

Glenn Roth: Although I didn't know her personally, her indomatable spirit filled the halls. She was so smart and personable, I feel like I knew her. Such a tragic waste!... More, posted to "Ackerman, Laurie"

Barbara Manzi Rocco: Hi Guys! Thought I already posted this...but I don't know where - I love you all and sorry for those I didn't get a chance to chat with! What a class we have - omg!!! We are amazing! Special tha... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Jack Bleiberg: It was my first reunion also. It was Awesome! Would you believe GROOVY! Kudos to all of those who worked so hard to pull it off! ... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Steve Gevarter: Chuck: Thanks for organizing the golf outing. It was much appreciated and a lot of fun-- and a really nice course. Keep up the business success. Steve... More, posted to "Bleakley, Charles"

Steve Gevarter: Carol: I was hoping to see you at the Reunion but Sandy T told me that you weren't coming. I warned my wife, who I left at home in Baltimore, that if I ran into you (after 40 years), I might not come ... More, posted to "Schlagintweit, Carol"

Steve Gevarter: Mike: Thanks again for hosting Friday's get together. It was a lot of fun and much appreciated. Also, thank your wife. She seemed to be at every event as a volunteer; either working behind a desk or s... More, posted to "Duffy, Michael"

Steve Gevarter: Carol: It was a great Homecoming -- but for the fact that I didn't see you! I kept looking around (straining my eyesight looking at nametags). How is everything? I'm living in Baltimore. Wife and ... More, posted to "Villanova, Carol"

Barb Manzi Rocco: My first reunion - and it was absolutely the best! Great time with great friends - So much fun! Thanks to all for making this an oustanding event of my life! I love you all! ... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Lou Fink: It's " The Morning After "......................... Dear Younger [ not THAT much younger ] Brethren, and Sistethren too !! Lou Fink here from the 68 reunion team sticking his older larger nose i... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Carol Villanova: Hi,Mark although your memories of LHS were not nurturing and positive think of how well you turned out. You became successful where others failed. You may not have been well known but life has been a... More, posted to "Rich, Mark"

Linda Hoffman Kay: I am writing this memorial to Laurie on the day of our 40th reunion. Laurie and I met in 6th grade at Harrison School when I moved to Livingston, and she became my best friend. It was through Laurie ... More, posted to "Ackerman, Laurie"

Bill Galanty: What can I say? Our lives were so interwoven. We wrote music together, had bands together, raised families simultaneously later in life, saw each other continuously and then intermittently, then cont... More, posted to "Rackin, Alan"

Bill Galanty: I still think of Neil as a good friend from childhood who had such a bright future ahead of him. He was smart and an especially nice person even at a young age. It was such a tragedy that his life was... More, posted to "Winter, Neil"

Carrie Rockwood: Hi Gale - it is wonderful to hear about your life. My boyfriend is from Worms, Germany, been in the USA for many. We were there a while back - my first time in Germany - and it was a wonderful exper... More, posted to "Bravakis, Gale"

Steve Bernstein: CHARLIE RUSSO! If you had any idea how hard we've been looking for you ... How are you, ye who, on our walk to LHS one morning, played a record of a group you had just seen in NYC that weekend ... Th... More, posted to "Russo, Charles"

Donna Semplenski (Chhabra): Sal, Are you coming to the reunion...? Don't see your name on the list and it's this Saturday..I'll be there but not Dave this year..Hope to see you guys.. Donna ... More, posted to "Senatore, Salvatore"

Dave Cramp: How about a contest to see who can do the most convincing, "I've fallen and I can't get up." ... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

paul nonenmacher: hey...............hope you get this ........it would be wonderful to hear from you and see how the last 40 years have gone....pls give me a hello....... More, posted to "Greenleaf, Pamela"

gale bravakis: Dear Jan, Yes, you are right, Pipi Longstockings doesn't do you justice. I'm so glad to see your real picture with that same beaming smile....the braces did it, no? all the best Gale... More, posted to "Cohen, Jan"

Bob Furman: Love the Peter Kooiker addition. (How was he left out of the yearbook?) The guy sure looks familiar. He must have been with us in Mr Fyfe's computer programming class.... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Barb (Manzi) Rocco: It's right around the corner....are you ready??? I can't wait to see everyone! Thought I'd post a couple of "happenings" in NJ for Sunday, Sept. 13 - in case you are looking for something to do. ... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

gale bravakis: Hi Steve, You made my day!! I'll miss you too. Where are you and what are you doing? liebe Grüße Gale... More, posted to "Bernstein, Steven"

Gale Bravakis: Dear Adrienne, I know I will miss seeing you all at the reunion! But with this great website, we're only a mouse click away....so? where is your picture? Tell me more, tell me more! all the best Gale... More, posted to "Casciano, Adrienne"

Sal Senatore: Haven't heard a word as to when our reunion is. Help. I heard it's in Sept. What's the scoop. Someone drop a line. Thanks, Sal ... More, posted to "Russo, Charles"

Steve Bernstein: Hey, Gale - I'm going to miss you, too. In the meantime, do you have any art to share on-line? One neat thing that Barry Shapiro's been doing is alerting us all to the surprisingly large number of art... More, posted to "Bravakis, Gale"

adrienne koss: Hi Galey...so glad to hear that all is well with you and yours....so sorry, however, to hear you won't be at the reunion. Since I'm still a Jersey girl, I'll be there for sure..LHS graduate, Jimmy ,in... More, posted to "Bravakis, Gale"

Barbara Manzi Rocco: I wrote before, but I guess it wasn't approved...I agree with Jeff Collins - "Life is way too short, Mark, you should get over it!" Admin note: Barb-your original comment is there; you wrote it o... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Peggy Jordan: Gale -You read my comment! I'm so excited to feel like we are back in touch. I'll email more later but FYI "kudos" means "high praise. Funny thing is, it is from the GREEK word for "glory, acclaim"... More, posted to "Bravakis, Gale"

gale bravakis: Dear Arlene, Please correct me if I'm wrong but I do remember the story about you being in Prag at the time of the spring revolution (Prager Frühling) and the difficulties you and your family had in ... More, posted to "DeBear, Arlene"

Al Small: Patti(seggel) and I will unfortunatly miss the reunion. There are so many that we would love to see again!! I guess we'll have to wait until the 50th. Take lots of pictures....someone in our cl... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Carrie Rockwood: To Mark Rich, I'm sorry you have such terrible thoughts of LHS. I don't think many people had perfect teen lives, that goes with the territory, but I do remember many, many nurturing teachers at the... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Carrie Rockwood: Hey Sheila - remember singing and playing guitars! Wish you could be at the reunion. Carrie... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Carrie Rockwood: Some updates on my info - I now have my doctorate in audiology - it's a "clinical" one, not research, so the letters after my name are AuD. Life is very busy with work and singing on weekends. My da... More, posted to "Rockwood, Caroline"

Linda Hoffman Kay: Hey David, remember me? I was that little girl in high school who always had a crush on you!!! Can't believe we're headed towards 35 years of marriage! Love You!!! Linda... More, posted to "Kay, David"

Sheila Cohen: Hello all in the class of 69. I am so sorry I cannot be with you at the Reunion. 40 years has passed in what seems like the blink of an eye. And the years aren't slowing down at all, just going fa... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

gale bravakis: To all of thos involved in organizing the reunion, my congratulations!! Could someone please tell me what "kudos" means? I think I've been living here too long. Which brings me to my next point. Rinc... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Marilyn Petrokubi: People have been asking me about what to wear for the class reunion. Here's a little excerpt from my reunion tips blog about what to wear. http://reunionplanning.blogspot.com/2009/08/what-to-wear-... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

jeff collins: Hey Mark, I don't really remember you from LHS. But, to quote one of the best Eagles tunes: "Get over it!"... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

: I think Mitchell knew the secret language of the halls-- a few of us would walk pass each other and call out 'cheers'. It was a 'cheery' salutation, but it really meant fuck the establishment. My most... More, posted to "Hochberg, Mitchell"

Amy Fershko Ellis: It was profoundly poignant to see the names on the 'in memoriam - deceased' list in the Directory. The last memory and associations with those names are frozen 40 years ago. Imagine! - their futur... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Peggy Jordan: So looking forward to discovering who people have become. Kudos to the Reunion Committee - so much care and thought and time put into this. Am I the only one who cannot figure out how to interpre... More, posted to "Who Will You See at the Reunion, Part 2"

Ron Rader: If anyone wants to reach me, my E-mail address is ron@biopharma.com; phone is 301-424-0255.... More, posted to "Rader, Ronald A."

Barb Manzi Rocco: Mark, I just read your comments as well as Marilyn's response. I hope you have a chance to read this as I want to say to you and to anyone else who may feel the same way.....We were 17 years old - i... More, posted to "Rich, Mark"

Marilyn Petrokubi: Mark: Such a wonderful letter. It's people like you, who have matured into well-balanced, thoughtful people, that I hope to see at the reunion. I've had so many rich conversations with people that I... More, posted to "Rich, Mark"

Barbara (Manzi) Rocco: My new business...ADMINISTRATIVE PROFESSIONALS provides a variety of administrative services including word processing, desktop publishing, reports, presentations,internet research, or other specialty... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Marilyn Petrokubi: Today I made a visit to the new and improved Livingston Library. We will have to make a stop there after our tour of the High School on Saturday afternoon 9/12. I was going through their photo arch... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Kathleen Monk Stolz: Ok, that email yesterday got to me. I've been trying to decide whether to make the trip from AZ, and, after talking with Pat Wallendjack, we both decided to go for it! It should be a fun evening!... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

craig cadmus: Would like to track down Don Smith (who was 1/4 of my group "The Four Quarters". Haven't heard from him in years. Anyone know his whereabouts? Also Linda Worthington..anyone contact her?... More, posted to "Who Will You See at the Reunion, Part 2"

David Mark: Not sure you remember, but Jean and I still wear the wedding rings you made for us in 1976.... More, posted to "Chadwick, Dan"

David Mark: Jean D'Amico, my wife of 30+ years, will be attending. First she asked if any of my HS girlfriends would be there. When I said "No" she said she would attend anyway. So whoever is planning for name ba... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Mark Rich: Ah, high school, so many lives ago. Since there was college, graduate school, 25 years as a corporate executive in New Jersey and Massachusetts, 11 years as a Consultant, 28 years of marriage, 2 chil... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

David Gavrich: Barbara - Brasil must be treating you well, as you look fabulous. It seems like such a great place. I just watched the Brasilian national team beat the USA in a great soccer match from South Africa. ... More, posted to "Lowenstein, Barbara"

David Gavrich: Dear Ms. Petrokubi - I am writing in response to the April 29, 2009 e-mail to you by Mr. Jeff Mathesius, wherein he wrote to thank you for certain amenities that you've arranged for Class of '69 alumn... More, posted to "Petrokubi, Marilyn"

Pam Riccio: I am sorry I won't be able to make it back east for the reunion, Marilyn. I was hoping to see you. I know it will be a great time! Best to you, Pam ... More, posted to "Petrokubi, Marilyn"

Carrie Rockwood: My daughter, Zoe, has always been crazy about horses and wonderful with them, riding and caring and training them. She has now bought two thoroughbreds over the past few months that were rescued from... More, posted to "Who Are You Now?"

Carrie Rockwood: Now I remember the e.e.cummings quote Laurie used on the poster: "I would rather learn from one bird how to sing, than teach 10,000 stars how not to dance." Very appropriate for me.... More, posted to "Ackerman, Laurie"

Carrie Rockwood: I will always remember receiving the call of Laurie's accident and death = I was away from Smith College for the weekend. She was such a good friend and the news was devastating. I have a silkscreen... More, posted to "Ackerman, Laurie"

barry shapiro: Eloquent and perceptive. Couldn't have expressed that any better. Mitch, you have an excellent way with prose - I'd like to read more! Thanks for sharing the view. ... More, posted to "Mitch Singer's Reunion Thoughts"

Francine "Cinny" Worth: Mitch- That is the most beautiful summary of not only our past 40 years but, I dare say it is very appropriate for all generations -- thank you for the touching incite!!... More, posted to "Mitch Singer's Reunion Thoughts"

doug cunningham: I read Mitch's op-ed piece and thought it was great, really well written and his opening thoughts exactly corresponded to my own. Thanks Mitch!!... More, posted to "Mitch Singer's Reunion Thoughts"

Carol Villanova: Bruce was such a great guy. To hear he has past is a real shocker. I remember his beautiful smile and friendship as far back in Elementary School.... More, posted to "Abrahams, Bruce"

Lois Gold: I thought of him as Candy's Kenny, and it's good to know those two continued on together and had children. (Must be great kids!) Just thinking of him makes me smile. And Candy...she's the best...I sen... More, posted to "Mintz, Kenneth"

Jan (Janet) Lewis: Looking at Laurie's photo again after so many years, I remember how close we were and the terrible tragedy of her death. She wrote on EVERY page of my yearbook, in orange ink, so that I would never f... More, posted to "Ackerman, Laurie"

Pam Riccio: Hi Marilyn, You are a gem working on getting everyone together once again! I am still not certain if I will be able to make the trip back east yet, will keep you posted. Thank you for all you... More, posted to "Petrokubi, Marilyn"

David Wolff: I knew Kenny in HS, though we weren't close. I had the good fortune of bumping into him at a deli in FL, after which I saw him often as my chiropractor. Although I never got to share my feelings with ... More, posted to "Mintz, Kenneth"

David Wolff: I remember Mitchell being in one of my elementary school classes, and he did his ventriloquist act for us at show and tell. Great kid! Sorry to hear that he's gone.... More, posted to "Hochberg, Mitchell"

Ken Wooten: Class of '69 Charles Page, Sand Springs, OK Did a search for what I believe to be lyrics of a song that's been in my head from time to time all these years. Oh what a sight--big city lights Is this ... More, posted to "Zeil, Elizabeth"

Rolayn Tauben: Barbara, Our paths cross again with Brasilieros and artists. I visited the southeast, northeast and north of Brasil, and currently paint and exhibit with Bay Area artists. Please stay in touch. A... More, posted to "Lowenstein, Barbara"

Rolayn Tauben: Jan, You're an absolute angel! Thanks so much for your help ... see you in September! Best regards, Rolayn ... More, posted to "Cohen, Jan"

Carrie Rockwood: Everyone should check out my son's website. He's a jazz musician and created and filled all the clay animation on the site (as well as composing all the music within!). The address is www.jakesasl... More, posted to "Who Are You Now?"

: Ah Spring the time when old men's thoughts turn to cruise nights & doo wop music. God I love the springtime!... More, posted to "Ransome, Steven F."

Patti Renna: I'm on facebook but I can't find you.... More, posted to "Ransome, Steven F."

Steve Ransome: The group is growing on Facebook, Check it out!... More, posted to "Ransome, Steven F."

Jeff Mathesius: Marilyn - Well, we booked our room at the Marriott, & got our LHS69 discount. While I was on the phone with them, we had a detailed discussion about the rooms, amenities, and even the menu. It seem... More, posted to "Petrokubi, Marilyn"

today crew: he leads us as the real "doctor of love" we have all adopted his motto.... "bold as love"... More, posted to "Bold as Love"

Pam Riccio: Hope to see you if I am in Jersey in August. We really need to have some butter together! ... More, posted to "Conway, John"

Pam Riccio: Hi Di, Hope you had a great holiday weekend. I will try to visit late August. Let me know if you get this. Pam... More, posted to "Piserchio, Dianne"

Pam Riccio: Hi Pam - I have misplaced your number. Please e-mail me. I am still in California. Hope all is good with you! Pam ... More, posted to "Greenleaf, Pamela"

Pam Riccio: Where are you and how are you? I am in Palm Springs, CA. It really takes me back to see the yearbook photos. I have not seen my yearbook in years, think it still in Jersey at Patti's home! Hope ... More, posted to "Schwartz, Doreen"

Steve Ransome: Hope to see all of you at the reunion !... More, posted to "Ransome, Steven F."

Pam Riccio: Where have you been all these years Glenn? Can't believe it's forty years already. I am in Palm Springs California. Hope life has been good to you! Remember you like it was yesterday, we had some grea... More, posted to "Reynolds, Glenn"

Richard Bellamy: Bobbie~ Would love to know how you are doing now. Used to love our talks in homeroom. Wow! Forty years since graduation! Where did the time go? Let me hear from you. Rich Bellamy... More, posted to "Berman, Roberta"

: Hi Donna, Got your note. I'm looking forward to seeing you in Sept. It will be great to catch up and relive some memories of LHS. We live in Bernardsville but I'm in Livingston about 2 or 3 times... More, posted to "Chhabra, Donna"

Judy Sanger: Hi, Meredith! I think of you often. So much to catch up on. How are you? I live in California (Just as I'd always wanted!), but I am actually coming back east to live. I am a grandma for the first ... More, posted to "Hodgkiss, Meredith"

Patti: I'm not lost anymore! Actually, I was never "LOST", I always knew where I was!... More, posted to "Renna, Patricia"

Connie Peck: Hi Carol, I was great friends with your sister Susan when we were in elementary school. I'd love to track her down. Would you share her email address with me? I hope all is well with you and t... More, posted to "Schlagintweit, Carol"

David A. Mark: OK, OK, I bought a ticket. Still not sure if spouse (Jean) attending. She pointed out that I've skipped her reunions, so far. If not, I'll bring pictures. Saddened to see how many from our clas... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Patti Renna: Hi!! This is so cool! What can I say? Where are you? How are you? I'm in Wall, NJ - exactly 1 mile from Belmar beach - a little north of the old stomping grounds, but still the Jersey Shore! Hop... More, posted to "Phelan, Nancy"

Patti Renna: You really should have put a picture in that yearbook - not that we look the same anymore! How and where are you???? Hope everything turned out well for you - believe it or not, I think of you often... More, posted to "Young, Larry"

Patti Renna: Jeannie!!! I am in NC a lot! One of my daughters & 4 of my 10 grandkids live in Matthews just outside of Charolotte - My brother Jimmy lives near Raleigh & so does my niece - next time I drive (inst... More, posted to "Lagas, Jeanne"

Patti Renna: Wow!!! I am so glad JoAnn sent me this link! I'm still in Jersy - the shore (where I always belonged!) Don't know about the reunion, but really good to see your face (even if it is an old pic!) God... More, posted to "Riccio, Pamela"

Donald Pearson: Mike, if you are looking down at me ,I want you to know that I will never forget you and the many great times we had. May God watch over you until we meet again.... More, posted to "Dimatteo, Michael"

Donna 'Chhabra' Semplenski: Hi Jan, Thanks so much for posting the current photo for me..It's great that you've done so much on the site with a full life and job in the balance..I truly admire all the computer skills in your ... More, posted to "Cohen, Jan"

Donna 'Chhabra' Semplenski: Hi Mary, Just browsing through the directory..catching up with old friends and hoping to see many at the reunion..drop me a note to chat and catch up on the years that have flown by.. Donna ... More, posted to "Antonelli, Mary"

Scott Pearson: Never forget that red 67' GTO and those trips to the " Morristown Square ", Morris Plains, and the Jersey Shore. You Mike and I. Living life in the fast lane!... More, posted to "Sapp, Barker"

Candace Fried (Mintz) Sellers: Together forever..married at 25 years when he passed on, best buddies always will be we had two beautiful daughters and a wonderful life. Think of you often Candy... More, posted to "Mintz, Kenneth"

Candace Fried (Mintz) Sellers: Cutting class at your house and your mother believed we were off. Jean and her hot pink motorcycyle sleep overs and midnight runs ... More, posted to "Petrokubi, Marilyn"

Candace Fried (Mintz) Sellers: Oh all the fun we had, snaeaking out, sleigh riding, the shore weekend....Dons Drive in and the care and your mother alwaysmad at us... More, posted to "DeFrancesco, Gail"

Candace Fried (Mintz) Sellers: Steve all those years ago...Looking forward to seein our classmates.Did we ever not have a great time?... More, posted to "Adler, Steven"

Candace Fried (Mintz) Sellers: I am really shocked to hear about Bruce...I will never forget all the escapades we enjoyed at the lake. Steve Saran, Kenny and Bruce...I know they are together as I write. Love Candy... More, posted to "Abrahams, Bruce"

Rolayn: Hi Carol, I saw your message to Carolyn Newbergh and I am trying to track her down. I will let you know if I have any luck. Also, best wishes to you and yours. Rolayn aka Roni... More, posted to "Villanova, Carol"

Scott Pearson: To my best friend all through school. I will never forget the great times we had, some of the best of my lifetime. May the roads rise to meet you May the wind be always at your back May the sunshin... More, posted to "Dimatteo, Michael"

Barbara Manzi Rocco: Hi everyone! For those of you who are attending with a guest....please send me their names!! We want to make everyone a part of our celebration!!! I can't believe we started this only a few months ... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Donna Chhabra Semplenski: Hi Carol, Why do we all look so serious in our yearbook pics...what was wrong with that photographer that he couldn't make us smile? How are you? Check in to say hi..give me a call or connect wi... More, posted to "Kockler, Carol"

Marilyn Petrokubi: Peter: You probably don't remember me, but I definitely remember you. It was after one of the Tri-Hi-Y dances. And we went behind Silvermans. It turned out I had stuffed socks in my bra that night,... More, posted to "Kooiker, Peter"

Peter: Actually, what I said was - "someday I will crush your head." That seems a bit drastic now, so perhaps I'll just add you to the list of people whose heads I intend to shrink. Drat, that Al Gore. (... More, posted to "Kooiker, Peter"

Barry: I remember you. You were the guy who came up to me in the boys gym and told me you had a crush on me. That's when I kicked you in the balls. Though you claimm to have invented the internet I suspect i... More, posted to "Kooiker, Peter"

Donna Chhabra Semplenski: Danny boy, Where are you? Haven't seen your name posted yet for the reunion...Hope you're local enough to get here in September..Reach out to say hi if you get this message.. Donna... More, posted to "Collins, Daniel"

Donna Chhabra Semplenski: Hi Steve, I hope you're coming to the reunion...lots of classmates are chatting on Facebook too..It's been a nice way to re-connect..Can't wait to see so many old friends.. Donna... More, posted to "Essinger, Steven"

Rolayn Tauben: Yes, many kudos to all of you on this incredible site and pulling our 40th celebration together! ... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

ellen bieber: Marilyn, Thanks for all your hard work on making this reunion happen! You looked great on the Today Show------not a day older than I remembered you. Awesome that Joe was able to make it happen! ... More, posted to "Petrokubi, Marilyn"

Dorie Klissas: Hi Joe! I am working with your buddy Dr. Thurston....what a small world! He sent me this! Dorie... More, posted to "Michaels, Joseph"

Donna 'Chhabra' Semplenski: Has anyone seen or heard from Danny Collins, Ralph Dennington,Sal Senatore, Steve Essinger, Nancy Myles, Judy Foley, Jean Scrocco, Charlie Russo, Fritzie Duty, Mike Chimes, Bobby Coccuza, Kevin Franci... More, posted to "Who Will You See at the Reunion, Part 2"

Joanne: Happy Birthday I remembered because my birthday is March 3.... More, posted to "Reynolds, Glenn"

Marilyn Petrokubi: I saw him first! Mitchell was MY first date. We went to the Girl Scout Barbecue in 6th Grade up at Debby Strahman's house. Then he took me to the Collins School Fair and spent $3.50 on me! I was s... More, posted to "Hochberg, Mitchell"

Eric (Hank) van den Heuvel: Like some of the other postings that I have read this will be my first reunion as well. Through the years I have lost touch with everyone from Livingston with my moving around to different Air Force ... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Jan Reisen: I lost track of Mitchell after high school, but always remembered him as my very first 'date;' We went ice skating at South Mountain Arena in 7th grade. I always thought we'd be friends forever an... More, posted to "Hochberg, Mitchell"

Lynn Hoenig: Mitchell and Don were in the same Veterinary class of '78 at the University of Pennsylvania. We spent a lot of time together, and thoroughly enjoyed our friendship and many adventures. After Vet Schoo... More, posted to "Hochberg, Mitchell"

Stephanie (Zafferes) Crosio: You go class of '69. Taped the Today show yesterday cause I didn't want to miss a thing. You all looked great!!! I enjoyed seeing those of you who were able to be there and it was fun trying to recog... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Jim O'Malley: Hi Marilyn -- Loved your appearance on the Today Show this morning! Everyone looked like they were having a great time – and kudos to Joe Michaels for making it all happen. Jim... More, posted to "Petrokubi, Marilyn"

Pamela A Moesinger: I'm in the Poconos of PA raising and showing Cavalier King Charles Spaniels for the past 20 years. My dogs are my life and children and shared with my boyfriend of 25 years, Tony DeGregorio. ... More, posted to "Moesinger, Pamela"

Shelli Morgenstern: You've done a great job on this website. See you in September...Thanks!... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Mary Antonelli Kebel: Can't believe it has been 40 years since graduation. Married to Keith Kebel for 35 years and have three daughters. Lisa (31) married to Adam Heck, Laura (26) and Michelle (24). We have one grandaught... More, posted to "Antonelli, Mary"

Bruce Miller: Hi Judy, As you probably know we are trying locate classmates for our 40th reunion. Where are you living since I last saw you 40 years ago? Do you still stay in touch with Pam? I am still in NJ,... More, posted to "Erickson, Judith"

Barbara Rocco: Dianne, I remember Alan...and I am truly sorry for your loss. He was a good person - didn't know him as a "man" - but I know he is still here with you in spirit and in your heart. ... More, posted to "Rackin, Alan"

Dianne Aiosa Rackin: I'll never forget the thrill of water skiing with Bruce at Lake Hopatcong. He was a crazy boat driver,& tried to make me fall, but never succeeded. He was also a talented guitar player. We had alot of... More, posted to "Abrahams, Bruce"

Dianne Rackin: Alan was the beloved father of Vincent & Kristina Rackin. He was also a singer/songwriter, & has 2 Gold Records for "Livin' On The Edge Of The Night"for the movie Black Rain, & Show Me Heaven" for the... More, posted to "Rackin, Alan"

Bruce Miller: Jean, I don't know it seems like forever ago when you and I used to hang out in grade school. Wanted to reach out and see how you were, and hoped that you are able to come to reunion. If not, I wou... More, posted to "Bailey, Jean"

Bruce Miller: Don, I was just on the phone with Lucille Burbank, and we were talking about her parents and the Methodist Church to see if we could connect with everyone at reunion. Are you coming? Do you stil... More, posted to "Campbell, Donald"

Craig Seidenberg: Been married for 26 yrs to the most beautiful woman in the world. Have 4 great kids,Stacy,Tracy,Kiersten,& Craig Jr. Two Beautiful grandchildern,Rhiannen,Randy Jr. I am currently employed as President... More, posted to "Seidenberg, Craig"

Carrie Rockwood: Looking forward to the reunion - sending my check today!... More, posted to "Who Will You See at the Reunion, Part 2"

Marilyn Petrokubi: Ticket report 2/15/09. Happy Valentines Day everyone. So far 116 people have signed up. The early bird special discount is supposed to end tomorrow, 2/16/09. Get your tickets today!... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Pat of the Overath clan: Hi Maggie Overath Wendell, I found your note when I was asked to search my name on the internet for work and see what was there. Rather than continue to communicate via public sites, please email me... More, posted to "Overath, George"

Marilyn Petrokubi: Ticket Sales Report 2-8-09. So far 83 tickets have been sold. We are over halfway towards our commitment of 150 people. The next 34 people who buy tickets will get a free drink courtesy of Mark Smit... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Allen Norelli: OK--So Barry shamed me into it. Mark owes me a drink. The bourbon better be good. A... More, posted to "Early Bird Price Ends February 16th"

Carol Villanova: Hi dear friend, miss you. give me a call at 973-366-2973... More, posted to "Newbergh, Carolyn"

Glenn Roth: Had the biggest crush on u! Too bad didn't have the backbone to ask u out. Life goes on.... More, posted to "Reilly, Cathleen Ann"

Harry (Harold) Beck: Its been 20 years since I attended my last reunion. How time does have a habit of flying by. Since then I have moved to the Baltimore,MD area when my company (Then Bell Atlantic)relocated all of its e... More, posted to "Beck, Harold"

Lou Fink: Dear class of '69, Lou Fink here class of '68 [......... and Marilyn Petrokubi's Jr. prom date in 1967 !! ]. Hello and best of luck in your big upcoming event. I was a member of the committee that ... More, posted to "Petrokubi, Marilyn"

Pam Riccio: I will not know if I can make it until I have the dates of our 11th annual cancer initiative usually in September. Marilyn I will have to send you a check when I find out. Thanks! Pam Riccio... More, posted to "Who Will You See at the Reunion, Part 2"

Maggie Overath Wendell: Hey Pat, I am working on the family history. It is good to see some people online. I ran into this photo. This George is my uncle. My Dad is the oldest son of George Nicholas Overath, Jr. Uncle... More, posted to "Overath, George"

Marilyn Petrokubi: Ticket sales report 1/31/09. 60 tickets have been sold so far. People are rushing to take advantage of the early bird special and save $10 off the regular price. (And thank you Chris Johnson for stim... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Marilyn Petrokubi: Ticket Report: 1-18-09. Okay, we are on our way! So far 30 tickets have been sold. We only need 120 more to meet our committment to the Marriott. Remember 5 of your classmates have signed a contract... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Richard Bellamy: Wow! 40 year reunion for the generation that wasn't goimg to live past 30! Remember that? Hope to get to see you at the reunion. Take care, Richard... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

jan Reisen: Granted a cartoon of Pippi Longstocking doesn't count as my current photo, but very few of you have sent a photo or bio in. C'mon!! Everyone wants to see how well you've aged and all the fabulous thi... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

David A. Mark: Surely I cannot be one of the very few who has a current picture of themselves to post next to their high school picture??? My photo was taken on a 2007 bike trip. I am wearing a 2003 BIKE NEW YORK j... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Steven Kantorowicz: New Year Greetings to all from Singapore. No snow here EVER! Hopefully we'll be able to make it to the Reunion. In the meantime, if any of you travel out to Singapore let me know. Even if it's s... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Barbara (Manzi) Rocco: A Happy and Healthy New Year to all of you and your families!... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Pat Hagemann: I'm the daughter of Octavia Overath who'se eldest brother was George Nicholas Overath. Last address for Uncle George that I know of was in Livingston, NJ. Uncle George used to edit the monthly publi... More, posted to "Overath, George"

Barbara (Manzi) Rocco: I agree! It was great working with you. Wish I could have done more - but if you need assistance - just call. Everyone on the team was great - This will be my first reunion and I am looking forward ... More, posted to "Cohen, Jan"

Trish Ott (Patti Dopf): Wow! What memories seeing photos and reading the grafitti wall. I am anxious to see everyone at our 40th reunion. ... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Marilyn Petrokubi: Jan: You have been absolutely incredible as the team leader of the LHSClassof69.com website. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that we would such an amazing site, but I should have expected it w... More, posted to "Cohen, Jan"

Marilyn Petrokubi: 12-18-08 Martha: You have been a dream to work with on this reunion. Having a professional party planner like you on the "venue finding" team made the search for the perfect reunion location tolerabl... More, posted to "Zucker, Martha"

Cathy Monson (Houghton): Marilyn, I'd be happy to help out. A majority of my work now is event planning for large groups. Let me know. Cathy... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Donna Semplenski (Chhabra): To all in charge..Marilyn, Jan Need any help with reunion stuff..call or e-mail me..let me know what I can do.. Donna S. ... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Donna Semplenski: As to that yearbook photo..why do I look so serious..Age 17 people should not be so serious! Smile! Can't believe almost 40 years have passed..still with Dave..married 39 years..3 children & 5 grandch... More, posted to "Chhabra, Donna"

Jan Lisa Huttner: Thanks for feedback, Pam. I'm sure your details are more informed than mine are since you're "a DC person." The first time I looked at this photo, tho, I choked up & wanted to know what others remem... More, posted to "Ackerman, Laurie"

Pamela Nadell: For the record, we should correct a few of the facts in Jan's account. Laurie completed her freshman year at George Washington University, not at American University. She then transferred to Livings... More, posted to "Ackerman, Laurie"

Jan Lisa Huttner: Laurie died in a freak auto accident the year after graduation. Do I remember correctly: she was a Freshman @ American University, it was January of 1970, & she was in a car driving from NJ back to D... More, posted to "Ackerman, Laurie"

Jan Lisa Huttner: Yowza: this is me! For almost 20 years, as I travelled the country as a healthcare computer consultant, I always thought of each new client site as an ethnographic adventure: what would Margaret Mead... More, posted to "Huttner, Jan"

David Mark: OMG - I did used to have hair! Anyway, thinner on top, thicker in the middle, married, two kids (out of the house), Massachusetts, Alabama, New York Illinois, Massachusetts. Running less, bicycling m... More, posted to "Mark, David"

Glenn Roth: Can't believe its been almost 40 years! Didn't have many contacts in old LHS but, the ones I did have, meant a lot. The newest pics on website r me on a Alaskan cruise, me and the wife in Italy 2 we... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Meredith Hodgkiss: Judy, Would really enjoy hearing from you after all the years.... More, posted to "Sanger, Judith"

Laurel Coppola Cox: Hi John, Since you mentioned me in your write-up I thought I would get in touch and ask how you are doing? Where are you and what is happening in your life? FYI - I am semi-retired, teaching psycho... More, posted to "Feldermann, John"

William Ferguson: " Every now and then it's kind of hard to tell . But, I'am still alive and well " ......11/14/08... More, posted to "Ferguson, William"

doug Cunningham: Delores I also have a daughter whose name is Rachel This year she turned 28. Kind of a coincidence huh? :-)... More, posted to "Campanaro, Dolores"

Doug Cunningham: I'm looking forward to our class reunion. It will a first one for me, as in the past I have always been upstate NY with my wife's family celebrating Thanksgiving. It is hard to believe that almost 40 ... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

Marilyn Petrokubi: 9-3-08 Hello Classmates: I am writing this about one year before the actual 2009 reunion, and we already have teams of people working to make this the best reunion ever. Jan Cohen Reisen is putting... More, posted to "Grafitti Wall"

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