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"Who Will You See at the Reunion, Part 2"

Wondering who's coming to the reunion so far? Here's a list of your classmates who have purchased tickets as of June 15th. Find your friends--and if they're not on the list, call 'em up, get the gang together and buy your tickets.

Susan Abrahams Dianne Aiosa
Donna Chhabra Barbara Axt
Jean Bailey Harold Beck
Craig Cadmus Bob Connolly
Geralynn De Finis Larry Drake
Mike Duguid Larry Fast
Laura Fieber Gary Garnet
Joanna Gellas Wayne Hunt
Jan Huttner Jean Jensen
Chris Johnson Tom Jones
Bruce Linkov Terri Goldberg
Gayle Lister Barbara Manzi
Chuck Merin Joe Michaels
Bruce Miller Marilyn Petrokubi
Leigh Picciuto Bill Servis
Barry Shapiro Richard Suss
Karen Van Elkan Linda Walsh
Mona Wasserman Stephanie Zafferes
Jeff Mathesius Vicki Ginsberg
Patti Dopf Ann McMurrough
Bob Otto Scott Pearson
Joann Smith Mark Smith
Linda McDermott Cheryl Traugott
Jan Cohen Lyle Fox
Candace Fried Bob Furman
David Gavrich Roy Gerber
Robin Ginsburg Lois Gold
Robert Goodman Don Hoenig
Linda Hoffman Nancy Irwin
Pat Jacobsen Sherry Kaplan
David Kay Lynn Kimmel
Jane Kinney Sharon Lowy
David Mark Edward Matthews
Lynn Miller Anne Moore
Lorraine Murano Allen Norelli
Donna Peck Barbara Picker
Dianne Piserchio Steve Ransome
Carrie Rockwood Carole Ross
Glenn Roth Greg Scarth
Connie Schleicher Debbie Searing
Alexandra Seigle Ilene Silverberg
Mitch Singer Joann Smith
Marcia Solomon Rolayn Tauben
George Thurston Greg Tsairis
David Whitman Shelly Wingerter
Martha Zucker Wendy Burger
Ruth Ellen Dunscombe Jeff Collins
Christine Wolfe Phyllis Levin
Stan Cymansky Shelli Morganstern
Dave Van Cott Jim Goldfarb
Charlie Mancini Laurie Treuhaft
Carol Villanova Roni Paitchel
Jeff Denholtz Dick Atkins
Jack Bleiberg Bob Norman
Patti Kampf Jolene Crespo
Cynthia Schwarz Dave Philson
Nancy Parker Don Schaffer
Eddie Lewis Roger Sorhagen
Al Tinquist Sandy Tashjian
Steve Gevarter Jack Jacoby
Frank Bolognini Debra Fruchtman
Ann Weil Aleta Bluhm
Glenn Reynolds Jed Beck
Joy Czopek Roger O'Neill
Ilene Cohen Claire Barrett
Charles Fogel Michael Scudese
Ellen Bieber Cinny Worth



On August 12, 2009 2:26 PM, Peggy Jordan wrote:

So looking forward to discovering who people have become. Kudos to the Reunion Committee - so much care and thought and time put into this.

Am I the only one who cannot figure out how to interpret the yearbook lyrics associated with me?

Peggy Jordan Antonisse

On July 18, 2009 12:36 AM, craig cadmus wrote:

Would like to track down Don Smith (who was 1/4 of my group "The Four Quarters". Haven't heard from him in years. Anyone know his whereabouts? Also Linda Worthington..anyone contact her?

On March 7, 2009 6:52 PM, Donna 'Chhabra' Semplenski wrote:

Has anyone seen or heard from Danny Collins, Ralph Dennington,Sal Senatore, Steve Essinger, Nancy Myles, Judy Foley, Jean Scrocco, Charlie Russo, Fritzie Duty, Mike Chimes, Bobby Coccuza, Kevin Francis, Jeannie Lagas, Carol Kockler, Gayle Lister, Kathy Reilly, Patti Renna, Gary Stevens, Leslie Thiele, Carol Villanova, Karen Yatcko..??? How's that for an eclectic group? If anyone has contact with any from this list reach out for me on my Facebook my cell# 973-985-1261..or e-mail to

See you in September..

On February 19, 2009 4:01 PM, Carrie Rockwood wrote:

Looking forward to the reunion - sending my check today!

On February 3, 2009 1:27 AM, Pam Riccio wrote:

I will not know if I can make it until I have the dates of our 11th annual cancer initiative usually in September. Marilyn I will have to send you a check when I find out.

Pam Riccio

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