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"Marilyn's Post-Reunion Thoughts"

October 2009. Vicki Ginsberg sent me one of those maudlin emails about friendship recently. But I didn't delete it. Surprisingly it struck a chord that really resonated in the days leading up to our reunion.

It was a commentary about the society we became after the 1950s and the subject of conspicuous consumption. What's worth keeping and what's worth throwing away. Remember how fickle we were? If your boyfriend got pimples, you dumped him. That was a time when car styles changed by the year? Now you see fins. Now you don't.

If a car was two years old, you'd trade up for a new one. If your toaster was broken, you'd get a new improved toaster oven. And fashion? Fashion changed by the season. God Forbid, we ever wore the same dress twice.

Somehow we didn't value what we had. We didn't repair. We didn't restitch. We didn't recycle. We replaced.

But times have changed. We now are finding value in what we have. And there are few things more valuable than friendship.

Reunion. The word says it all. Renewal of Friendships. Acquaintances. And auld lang syne.

Sure we've made new friends over time. College friends, business friends, PTA friends, and some of us have even made retirement friends, but none of them has the resilience and the level of trust of an LHS friend. And so it is with great certainty that I say: you all are "keepers"-- the friendships we've made in the Livingston, NJ public school system are the most enduring and none should be thrown away. So let's congratulate each other for surviving these 40 years since graduation and look forward to our next celebration because it will be right around the corner.



On February 1, 2010 9:37 PM, Bette Bradbury wrote:

Re Christine Cooney. I don't know any of you - or don't think I do... but did work with Christine Cooney in Alexandria, Virginia years ago. I was trying to find a way to get back in touch w/her... and was saddened to learn she is deceased. If anyone can provide me with information about her post 1989 I'd be very appreciative. Thank you. I know she had many siblings and hope someone will know how I can get in touch.
Bette Bradbury

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